Porque o direito à informação é um dos direitos pelo qual, mais a OMUNGA se confronta para a sua realização, decidimos publicar a baixo o texto que recebemos:

Advogamos pelos direitos dos angolanos dentro & fora do país
Congress of Students & Angolan Community
We advocate for the rights of Angolans in Angola and abroad

The Editor:

Congress of students & Angolan Community (Which is referred as C.E.C.A throughout the document) is an Angolan organization founded on 17 march 2004, with headquarter in the Republic of South Africa in the province of western Cape, it is an independent and non governmental organization based on development of Angolan masse, which brings together on its organizational structures, Angolan citizens without discrimination, educational level, gender, ethnic Origen, religious faith or place of birth. Some of our mission is to promote and to preserve the spirit of patriotism and combat all form of abuses and human right.
In reality we the people of Angola still live in fear in our own country and targeted by our own government, since 1975 when Angola became independent from Portugal.
1979 Mr. Jose Eduardo Dos Santos replace the Angolan president, Dr: Agostinho Neto and declare one party state using all form of oppression and repression, controlling all the media and others public institutions.
Angolan people are sick and tired of bad governance and theft of public funds, natural resource, nepotism, human right abuses, and illegitimacy of the president (32 years of rulling). Corruption and bribery every day takes place among states officials, who continuously lying to the poor that there is no money available to improve their living conditions.
For this reason we decided to protest against our government pacifically (without any sort of violence) in front of the Angolan general consulate in Cape Town, on the 7 March 2011 from 08am to 11am
At the Pavilion 1 floor
Thibault Square
Cape Town.
Your help will be welcomed as matter of urgency. We therefore write to enquire whether you could provide us air time in your News slot so that we make an appeal to Angolan, specially the international community about the many problems that the Angolan people are facing.
It will be sincerely appreciated if you were able to help us in this way.
For more information, please contact:
Manuel Ponzo: 0738813973
Pedro Fortunato: 0712022348

Cape Town March 05, 2011

Executive Committee.


NPO Registration Number-54478
PO Box; 5398 Cape Town 8000 RSA, www.cecangola.org, cecangola@yahoo.com

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