The International No Vox network organised two forums of people victims of"Evictions in all their forms" (from their land, housing, jobs, rights, in Africa and elsewhere) in Bamako from September 17 to 19, 2010 and then in Ouagadougou on September 24 and 25. These forums were attended by 900 and 400 people respectively, victims of evictions and expulsions, their associations and spokespeople as well as militants from 12 countries who were there to listen, support and share experiences and practices of struggle, confront their analyses and construct international solidarity.
Following these forums, the member movements of the No Vox network from six African countries (Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Mali and Togo) decided with the support of the entire network to organise a Caravan of the Excluded which will leave from Ouagadougou on January 26 to join the World Social Forum taking place in Dakar at the beginning of February 2011. You will find attached the final declarations of the two forums.
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Final Declaration of the Bamako "Forum of the Evicted in All their States"
On the eve of the sumptuous celebrations of the 50th anniversary of Malian independence, we the UACADDDD (Union), ACOFEK, AME, APELD, ARACEM and Huicoma Collective as well as militants from delegations from Japan, Turkey, Portugal, France and Belgium, members of the international No-Vox network, meeting from September 17 to 19, 2010 within the framework of the Forum of the Evicted in All their States (evicted from their land, housing, jobs and rights in Africa or elsewhere) in Bamako, condemn:
- the eviction from housing or neighbourhoods and the massive destruction of housing for the profit of speculators, real estate businesses, investment funds with the complicity of the government,
- the expropriation of land, the pillaging of peasant resources and the destruction of subsistence agriculture for the profit of the intensive exploitation of lands by multinationals and foreign states,
- the privatisation of companies and massive lay-offs of workers by multinationals or the elite,
- the aggravation of poverty in particular amongst women and children,
- the expulsion of migrants and attacks on the freedom of movement of which they are victims.
We demand:
- a stop to all forms of eviction,
- the suspension of all repression against those who demand their rights and the guarantee of democratic freedom of speech,
- a stop to influence peddling,
- restitution of all expropriated land,
- rehousing and resettlement of all the evicted,
- the respect of traditional and customary rights,
- the respect of subsistence agriculture and the goal of agricultural self sufficiency,
- the dismantling of all the networks of expropriation and the indemnity of all damage suffered,
- a stop to all evictions from vegetable gardens and market stands,
- the restitution of the lands seized from families suffering from leprosy,
- the arrest and trial of those responsible for evictions, expropriations and violence,
- a stop to the privatisation of our commonwealth, our companies and to all firings,
- the renationalisation and immediate start of production at Huicoma,
- a stop to the expulsion of migrants,
- the regularisation of undocumented foreigners and the recognition of their rights by countries of arrival,
- the recovery of evicted migrants' property,
- easier access to visas,
- the immediate application of texts ratified by Mali in favour of women including the Universal Declaration of the Women's Rights and the Universal Declaration of Children's Rights.
We commit ourselves within the international No-Vox network to build and consolidate international solidarity against poverty and for the rights of the powerless.
We call on all the world's social movements to denounce these situations and support all forms of action employed by the social movements in Mali.
We reaffirm our determined opposition to all forms of eviction, in whatever form, and will continue to struggle.
Bamako, September 19, 2010
Final Declaration of the Ouagadougou Social Forum of the Evicted

In a world dominated by imperialists and neo-liberals, social injustices and the numbers of the capitalist system's victims are multiplying like flies on dead flesh. That is why we, the excluded, gathered together in the No-Vox network made up of the MSV (Movement of the Voiceless), ABHAB (Association for the Welfare of the Inhabitants of Balkui), Namang-Zanga, the SYNTAP (National Union of Agro-pastoral Workers), the CAB (Coordination of Associations of Boumiougou), ASP-DROL (Solidarity Association for the Right to Housing) together with the victims of the companies Boulangeries 2000 and the Baguette de Faso, laid off workers from the Faso Fani factory as well as the militants comprising delegations from France, Belgium, Japan, Mali, Benin, Togo, Portugal, Canada, Angola, Turkey and Brazil which make up the international No-Vox network, firmly condemn:
- the closing of state companies such as Faso Fani,
- the eviction of the working masses from their housing in various arrondissements of Ouagadougou such as sectors 16, 17, 19 and the villages of Nagrin and Zongo in the arrondissement of Boumiougou, the villages of Balkui, Tambogdin, Dagnongo, Yamtenga and the unregistered zones of Sectors 28, 29, 30 in the arrondissement of Bogodogo, as well as the arrondissement of Signonghin for the profit of real estate agencies and the barbarian proponents of the free market working in complicity with the government administration,
- the thoughtless privatisation of state companies built on the sweat of their laid-off workers,
- the grabbing of arable land from the peasants in the provinces of Burkina such as those of Koumbia, Houndé, Sourou and others for the profit of agro-business multinationals as well as the introduction of GMOs into Burkina agriculture,
- the assassinations of militants of freedom.
In consequence, we demand:
- an immediate and unconditional stop to all nature of evictions,
- the nationalisation of multinational companies,
- a stop to abusive firings as well as the application and respect of the rights of workers and the laid-off,
- the development of local agriculture and support for local products,
- the unconditional rehousing of all those evicted from their homes and the resettling of peasants on their arable land,
- an immediate stop to the introduction of GMOs in Burkina, a stop to all forms of repression aimed at the working masses and the militants who support them,
- full equality between women and men,
- the free circulation of human beings and a stop to the expulsion of migrants.
The International No-Vox network commits itself now and in the future to watch with particular attention the respect of the rules of social justice concerning the working masses and the respect of individual and collective freedoms.
We invite all social groups and all social movements to unite in order to firmly condemn the attacks on the poorer social classes. We repeat our firm attachment to the respect of the present declaration.
Ougadougou, September 25, 2010

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