Beatrice Mtetwa is a fearless warrior for justice in Zimbabwe who has been arrested for allegedly "obstructing the course of justice" while trying to defend the rights of her clients on Sunday. 

Please sign this petition Free Beatrice Mtetwa Now! and contact any government officials in your countries to demand that they protest to the Government of Zimbabwe about this vindictive and punitive action. 

Further info:

"Beatrice is in jail until April 3rd....why April 3rd and why at all? this is how Mugabe defines the rule of law--do whatever he wants to get his way. The judgment marked a "sad day" for the rule of law in Zimbabwe, said Irene Petras, head of the independent Lawyers for Human Rights. "Despite what has happened, we need to carry on the fight for justice." Stand up against this miscarriage of justice. Demand that Beatrice be released. Fight for her the way she has fought for justice in Zimbabwe. Act. Now." http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/Free_Beatrice_Mtetwa_now/?aJMoIab

"Imprisoning Beatrice is a mobilizing force for change. If the regime thinks this is going to stop her from doing her work, they are wrong. Her incarceration is inspiring millions of people around the world and thousands of other lawyers in Zimbabwe to support her. Knowing she is behind bars is creating a groundswell of support FOR her and AGAINST the malicious, corrupt regime running and ruining Zimbabwe. Beatrice behind bars is a wake-up call like no other. Citizens will vote with their hearts and they will vote for change to end this madness. Enough is enough." https://www.facebook.com/pages/Beatrice-Mtetwa-and-the-Rule-of-Law/595224900503800

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