Peaceful demonstration on behalf of human rights defenders in Angola

Honourable Commissioner and Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders in Africa,
Honourable Commissioner and Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression in Africa,
Honourable Commissioner and Special Rapporteur on Prisons and Conditions of Detention in Africa,
Dear Members of the Secretariat of the African Commission,

I'm Jacinto Pio Wacussanga, the Chairman of Associacao Construindo Comunidades, ACC, and I have presented the Statement on House demolitions and forced evictions in Angola.

I'm sending you this message on behalf of the Cabinda (the Northernmost oil rich province of Angola ) where the local civil society and human rights defenders are planning a peaceful demonstration, next 22nd of May, in protest againt the arbitrary detention of Seven leading human rights activists who were imprisoned as a follow-up of the guerrila attack against the Togolese Soccer Team. The Statement on this topic was also presented by my colleague, Mr.Jose Patrocinio during the 47 Ordinary Session of the African Commission.

This peaceful demonstration is due to take place on the 22nd of May and aims at claiming the unconditional release of all prisionners of conscience.

I'm writting this e-mail due to the fact that as a general procedure, the Angolan government does not allow peaceful demonstration to take place even though they do comply with the domestic legislation. The Angolan government is likely prone to resort to the disproportinate of use of force. One recent example took place on the 25th of March in Benguela province, where a peaceful demonstration againt house demolitions and forced evictions was impeded and more than 300 heavilly armed anti-riot police were deployed to crush all atempt of people's protest. That happenned after OMUNGA, a local civil society organisation with Observer Status to the African Commission has followed all legal procedures on peaceful demonstrations. The Benguela government issued a public statement threatening the use of force against all those who were willing to demonstrate.

The Cabindan civil society members have taken all measures to ensure the demonstration takes place in accordance with all legal procedures. We hope, the Angolan government will, this time be sober and not threat or crush down this peaceful colective outlet.

We, as human rights defenders, do totally support this demonstration so the civil society leaders can be released on by while waiting for fair and transparent trial.

With best wishes

Fr.Jacinto Pio Wacussanga
Chairman of ACC

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